About Us

Bookkeeping for real estate investors.

What We Do

We do bookkeeping for real estate investors. As an investor, your time is better spent in other areas of your business. We provide up to date information on the financial health of your business.

Monthly reports guide your decision making. P+L’s by property allow you to quickly identify under performing assets. We do the bookkeeping, so you can focus on growing your business. 


Our Story

How We Got Started

. The REI Bookkeepers launched to solve 1 thing. Accurate bookkeeping for real estate investors at an affordable price. 

As Matt started networking with other investors, he realized he wasn’t alone. Bookkeeping for house flips was taking up too much time. Nobody wanted to do it, but their CPA’s were demanding P+L’s.

“One investor didn’t even know how much money he made last year. I thought that was absurd. Turns out, most investors don’t truly know. How can you grow something that doesn’t have a benchmark?” – Matt Beans

That’s when it all started. The REI Bookkeepers was birthed. In their first 30 days, founders, Matt and Cat, had 7 clients locally. They now have multiple clients throughout the state, and looking forward to national clients. 

Our focus is simple. Provide accurate bookkeeping with clear communication backed by excellent customer service. 

That’s our winning recipe. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help real estate investors sleep at night.




Executive Team

Matthew Beans

Matthew Beans

The Problem Solver

“As a real estate investor, I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I had thinking about where my money was moving. I would just look at my bank account to see if there’s money in there. Now, I make a higher profit per deal, and have the ability to scale my team.”

Catherine Angle

Catherine Angle

The Real Boss

“Your main focus is doing deals – we take pride in providing the careful attention to detail needed for your business’ financials. I love the reward of seeing our clients economic growth from an informed standpoint.”

Amie Wade

Amie Wade

PR Manager

“Some investors just don’t know what they don’t know. They do lots of deals and have ambitious goals, but they lack the backend bookkeeping disciplines. We are here to help with that!”