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Leadership Team

Matthew Beans

CEO/CFO, Marketing

Matt Beans is a co-founder of The REI Bookkeepers. He and his partner, Cat, founded The REI Bookkeepers after Matt had done a handful of flips. 

“Book keeping and accurate accounting was the most difficult part of flipping the houses. It took up so much time. I saw other investors struggling with it as well. Thankfully, I had Cat in my corner. She’s really the backbone behind all of my accounting and bookkeeping.”

                                                                                                              – Matt Beans



(928) 293-0794

Catherine Angle

COO, Lead Bookkeeper

Catherine Angle is a co-founder of The REI Bookkeepers. She managed the financials for multiple real estate investors prior to Matt starting to invest.

“After Matt was caught keeping expenses on a spreadsheet, we quickly recognized the need for bookkeeping tailored to the real estate investment space. If you are asked about your financials and the answer is “I don’t know”, I want to help you get to a place of confidence and money mastery.”

                                                                                                                        – Catherine Angle


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Amie Wade

PR Manager

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