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Pay the year in full at signing and receive 1 month free.

Starting? Get started for as little as $150/month Or a 1 time setup fee, and you take it from there!

Not sure where to begin?

Whether your business flips houses, builds a rental portfolio or wholesales houses, you are building a business.

The backbone of your business is a hybrid of cashflow managment and wealth creation. If you plan to stay small (1-2) units… a spreadsheet will work!

If you plan to grow (or are) any larger, having an effective accounting system will give you the clarity you need to reach your goals

You can only scale what is tracked.

What is the highest and best use of your time?

Did you start your real estate  business to sit down in front of your computer to do bookkeeping?

As an investor, your time is better spent leading your team, buying deals, and networking. 

Let us handle your books.


Real Estate Books are Safe Here

All of our bookkeepers are not only quickbooks certified, but also highly trained in real estate investing. 

We aren’t just bookkeepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software should I use to keep track of my real estate accounting?

We use Quickbooks online. It allows us to tailor towards each clients’ needs. 


I have a CPA. Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers work together with your CPA. At the end of the year, your CPA needs a P+L to file your taxes. As bookkeepers, we track your profit per project, month after month and year after year.

This allows you to:

1) Make decisions backed by accurate data

2) Raise Money (i.e. Lines of credit, private investors, etc)

3) When tax time comes, you spend 10 minutes on it, rather than weeks. 


How do I work with you?

Go to this page: Contact us

You know what to do from there!


Why shouldn't I use a spreadsheet?

You can! 

In fact, a spreadsheet is great if you’re only planning to do 1-2 long term rentals. 

But, if you plan to grow further than that, tracking expenses will become very tedious and time consuming. 


Can I just use Quickbooks and do it myself?

Yes!! Absolutely. 

If you’d like help setting up your QBO account initially, we are happy to help. We will get you all setup for you to run your own race. 


How do I make bookkeeping less time consuming?

That’s simple. Hire us!

But, seriously… bookkeeping is time consuming. We believe your time is better spent elsewhere.

Hiring a bookkeeper is the simplest and most cost effective way to make the burden of bookkeeping less stressful. 


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